Rainbow Room

This room is the base for our 3-5 year olds. This is where the children are learning all the skills they need to get them ‘school ready’. Our pre-schoolers take more control of their learning by taking part in planning their own activities.

We have various role play to encourage imagination, writing, counting etc. At the moment we have a flower shop, we have looked at grouping flowers together according to type or colour, we have been taking turns to be customer and florist, handled money, wrote orders and receipts. We introduce topics to link the children’s interests to their early learning goals. We have just finished Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been able to grow our own beanstalks and observe their changes and growth. We have encouraged the telling of the story by providing characters for the children to take on, we have measured our feet in different measurements and compared them to the size of the giant’s feet.

It is our main aim at this stage to ensure the children leave us with self-confidence, social skills to make new friends, can write letters from their name, can recognise some numbers and shapes and can count to 10.

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