Sunshine Room

This is the base for the 1-2 year olds learning activities. In here we have messy play and introduce colour recognition and counting 1-3. We have lots of chunky puzzles and short story books to read together. We are encouraging children to play cooperatively with adults or peers.

We assist your toddlers sense of independence as this begins to naturally occur at this age (you will notice them developing tantrums and learning the word no), we try and turn this into a positive experience. We do this by allowing them to access their own toys from low level storage. We have a home corner to develop pretend play. We talk with the children lots and encourage sharing/turn taking. We have activities to help children of this age understand their everyday feelings.

We have a large selection of construction toys for children to build with. We support toilet training at this stage if your child is showing signs of being ready. We read and sing lots of nursery rhymes and develop physical skills like walking, running and moving in new ways. One of the most fun things to do in this room is to empty the boxes and fill them up again!

What The Parents Say