Twinkle Stars Room

This is the base room for the 0-16 month olds this means that all of the activities in this room are aimed at encouraging the development of this age group. Babies need lots of comfort and reassurance as this is usually the first time they have left their parents. We ensure the room is calming and homely and usually ask for comfort items to be brought from home too. We are very happy to give lots of cuddles as we are sure that is what our little ones are used to. It is our aim to keep your little ones routine as close to home as possible.

We have a lot of sensory play in here as this is the best way for babies to learn, through touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.

We use mirrors to look at features and facial expressions, we make sensory bottles with varying sounds and colours and we make sensory socks with smells, sounds and textures. Our messy play ranges from mark making to full body exploration. We enjoy singing nursery rhymes and developing physical skills like rolling, crawling and first steps. We look at books with textures, sounds and lift the flaps.

What The Parents Say